My pops would have turned 70 this 2019 year on Earth, and even though he’s now with us in spirit only, his April 1st birthday still deserves a celebration. Thanks to all who are paying tribute.

He liked goofy cards with corny jokes, and when I come across such cards, I pause for a moment remembering how much I enjoyed sending them to him. A poet and self-described “bluesologist,” Gil Scott-Heron also was a natural comedian. Sometimes his clever turn of phrase sailed right over people’s heads – until they caught the joke a minute or so later and couldn’t stop laughing. Check out his political dynamite laced with humor on H2O-Gate (Watergate) Blues … (“If Nixon knew, Ag-new, but Ag didn’t ‘knew’ enough to stay out of jail.”)

If only we could get his take on what’s going on now in Washington, D.C.! No one can synthesize it like he could.

We miss you. Miss your humor and insight. Miss your dedication to the quest for justice and peace. Happy 70th birthday, Gil Scott-Heron.


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