Gil Scott-Heron had a  response ready for anyone who claimed an April 1st birthdate automatically made him an “April fool.”

“Everybody born on December 25th ain’t Jesus Christ.”

Yet, there was great symbolism in Gil being born on April 1 – a time many people devote to humor. From childhood, Gil showed a clever, quick mind that he applied to entertaining his grandmother who raised him and to writing stories in his ever-present notebook. In his late teens and for the rest of his life, Gil’s creativity, laced with a powerful wit, resulted in profound poetry and prose that could sting and amuse simultaneously – words that have stood the test of time, as relevant now as they were when he wrote them.

For us April 1, 2017, is Gil Scott-Heron’s birthday before it’s anything else. We celebrate his caring spirit, amazing sense of humor, depth of understanding of the human condition, and commitment to inspiring activism to make the world a better place.

Gil transitioned to the spirits at age 62 on May 27, 2011, but we feel him with us, always.

Happy Birthday, Gil, from your loving family, friends and admirers!

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